I came across this pathetic article in a local paper.

Congressman Chaffetz is doing the right thing by curbing the expansion of government. That requires a lot of NO votes. This is exactly what I want him to do. As for the author of this article, I wonder where he would draw the line. Where would you, o reader, say "enough is enough"? If you were stopped at a random checkpoint on the highway and asked to pass through a full-body scanner, would you do it?

The Constitution (and I say God Himself) gives you certain rights that can't be taken away by government. They are inalienable. One of those is to be secure in your person, possessions and papers. A government agent cannot search you except on a warrant issued on probable cause. I resent airport searches. It is a misallocation of resources. There is no reason to search me. If the Feds wanted to keep us safe they should "declare war" on drunk drivers or cancer, real threats. There are no TSA agents outside of bars with breathalyzers. How is that? I would feel differently if it were the airlines themselves conducting the searches. There are good reasons to limit the power of a central government As for Jason Chaffetz, he can count on my vote and my donations come election time. He is a Champion of Liberty, humble and unpolished though he may be.

PS- this is an undeveloped train of thought, I realize.



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