The Roof

When the pioneers arrived in the Salt Lake Basin it was a desert, a wasteland of sagebrush. Somehow they managed to build the remarkable Salt Lake Temple in spite of their dire poverty. They had a dream: to live free and build an earthly paradise.

About a hundred years after its completion, my wife an I were married there (you can see it in the background in the pic). My wife is a descendant of the Mormon pioneers via Wyoming.ww

Saturday evening my sweetheart and I headed up to Temple Square where we had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, on the top floor of a building right across the street. The drive was a good time for us to re-connect and have some time to talk, just us two. I like to get in the slow lane and take my time and she's always harping on me to pick up the pace.

Sunday morning, the first of the new year, we started our new church block at 9am. It's a good time slot. We got the kids up bright and early, got on our Sunday best and headed out. I spent most of the time in nursery with Willow, just giving Tamie a break. Willow is a mild-mannered girl and doesn't fuss. If another child takes a toy from her she just moves on to the next thing. She kept pulling the bow out of her hair. She doesn't like that thing.

I got a call last night saying that a counselor of the Bishop wanted to talk to both my wife and I. This generally means that the new calling is going to be time-intensive (ie the wife has to be on board). But as it turns out we were both called to teach cub scouts. My elder son will be in that class.



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