I just got my Tyranids codex today and I've had my nose buried in it almost constantly.

There is nearly double the mass. The scope of weaponry and army entries has nearly doubled. It's quite amazing. It's so much that I sense that players are reeling with it, a desperate scramble to figure out how to deal with the number of Tyranid lists that are coming.

What I'd rather do is talk about how the kits are going to work together.

Carnifex-- this kit comes with four different heads (or is it five) and three different carapaces. The heads are now meaningless. This is good news because those parts can be used in different conversions.

Stranglethorn cannon-- this is a heavy Barbed Strangler. I've seen a conversion using a venom cannon with the barbed strangler on the end. This is a bit doofy looking. I'm thinking of using the tusks from the now not-useful carnifex tusker head to create a double or quad tip and make that barbed strangle more beefy looking.



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