Spinal Tap

Last night I fell asleep on the couch. In the wee hours J (eight) came in saying he had a bad dream. He lay opposite me and kicked my spine all night long. I could barely stand up straight this morning. Thus was the agony of the day.

Before last night the fridge water hose started leaking. That was a many-hour adventure and on into this morning to get it fixed. That included two trips to Home Depot and at least two other places. My wife is the handyman of the family. She has such an uncanny sense for that sort of thing.

While there is silence on the matter of the Tyranids, rest assured that things are proceeding apace. I should have the studio army underway as of this coming Monday (ie being painted). Renn produced an alternate prototype color scheme, but I wasn't overly fond. It was a good color scheme, just not what I had in mind. I'm going to try out what I'm thinking on a few models and see if it works.

The 40K campaign is due to start sooner than anticipated. Here are the armies being planned (some are already assembled):
Imperial Guard
Imperial Guard
Imperial Guard Renegades
Tyranids (me)
Space Marines
Orks (?)

James finally got his oriental-themed Empire army on the table and it looks really good. More to come on that.



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