Sir Brickington of Brick-tonia

Tonight, my lovely wife and I got out and headed over to Sarah's for a well-attended social event. There were about twenty people, a six-foot spread of nibbly food, and board games. I got to play Settlers of Catan (Seafarers?) for the first time. I just loved that game, though I had a surplus of bricks. In my kingdom people had to wipe their bums with bricks for lack of paper.

Any game where you get to have "wood for sheep" is a whimsical romp in my book.

My wife is charming and outgoing. She's a delight to have in any social situation. Her talent is to be loved by all. It's magic. She is genuine. Not an ounce of duplicity. One of those happy people that seem to be constantly smiling.

I can scarcely believe my good fortune to have her as my eternal companion.

Josephus and Adam were both there as well.



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