Like a Firefly through the Cold Night of the Soul

Some days back I pulled a muscle in my lower back. I can barely stand up. I've been limping through but finally went to see the doctor yesterday. I'm on orders not to life anything over ten pounds for the next five days. I will be back in the saddle tomorrow.

Anyway, I was on bed rest today. I think I slept like six hours. My body is just soaking up the relaxation. I've been on high alert for so long that my brain and body just needed to completely recharge for a day. My home teachers came over and administered a Blessing of Health.

Friday I took my wife up to Salt Lake City for a "mega date", an all-day outing. We are like two starry-eyed lovers. I picked up a book on business for a change of pace (ie no politics or economics). I recommend a restaurant called "Thaiphoon" if you're ever in the area.

Saturday I made up for lost time at the office and also got in a game with sky-marshall Anonymo, Warriors of Chaos vs Lizardmen. I shot some footage of that but only as a deployment strategy how-to. Each army wins in a certain way. WoC are not an army where you can prance around and wait for just the right moment to strike. The proper strategy is to rush up with ultra-killy units and rip your opponents heart out and stick it on a barbed pike. All other units in the army are disposable lackeys to help the killy stuff get into place.

In the future, I'm going to take Saurus with spears.



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