Danish Cars

I noticed on your blog, one of your friends commented on my email to you. I respect his opinion completely and I am in no way trying to turn your blog into a political discussion site - I just have to give you my two cents :-)

He is absolutely right, motorcycles and cars are ridiculously expensive in Denmark - especially the ones polluting the most, the least fuel efficient ones, and the heaviest ones. This differentiated tax system favors specific vehicles, inciting a certain way of spending your money. As far as I know we use the same model for tobacco, alcohol, and extremely unhealthy junk-food. I know this way of thinking physically hurts a true capitalist, but I would like to point out, that any regulation and redistribution is made by the elected politicians, by the majority of the people (and, I would hope, for the good of the people).

Now you really got me thinking mentioning that our country was roughly the size of Alabama. You see, In Europe we have our own "federal government" - The European Union. Ever since I turned 18 and got my right to vote I have been actively fighting (in a peaceful democratic way) the expanding power of the central commission, as it is called. They are really gaining legislative power on all aspects of our society (most absurd example: Last year they deemed it necessary to legislate on the proper size and form of a cucumber!). I can't imagine how irate I would be if the EU gained as much power as your federal government has - and only in the last weeks am I beginning to see the obvious resemblance.

Returning to the first issue, and why I am quite fond of our local system: Though some things may be overly expensive or hard to get, I still have the personal freedom (on top of the complete social security/safety). The most lousy job I can find in this country still earns me ~25$/ pr. hour without breaking a sweat. I am an uneducated inexperienced youth spending most of my time on my education - and I can still afford a beautiful army from BTP. I bet you in 4/5 years I could have that Danish custom motor cycle in my garrage :-)

/rambling off

Again, I am sorry if I am wasting your time. Thank you for reading, anyways :-)





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