40K Campaign: the Seed

Today we all sat down to plan the 40K campaign. For five weeks though February and early March we're going to have an iron man style army creation process, every Tuesday unveiling 20% of a completed army (400 points). Almost everyone has most or all models collected, but hardly any painted. We're all starting on an even footing. There are at least doubles of every type of army:

3x Imperial Guard (one of which is Renegades)
2x Tyranids
2x Tau
2x Space Marines (Emperor's Children is one, using the SM list)
2x Orks

If narrowed down it's four or five factions: Imperials, Tyranids, Tau, Chaos, and Orks.

I'm doing both Tyranids and Orks.

We're going to create five planets/moons in a single star system. I mean actual spheres which we will hang from the cieling in the main room. Each one will be a mini-planetary empires campaign with one overall winner for each section. Renn is running the first one. I don't plan on running any of them, we'll see. Campaign participants can change armies between planets.

Every week for ten weeks there's a different person assigned to produce an entire new set of terrain. That's on Thursdays.

Tuesday and Thursday mornings are campaign days. This will be televised starting Tuesday, February 2nd. You'll get to see what's in everyone's army, and some new figures every week. There's a lot of momentum behind this.



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