Hive Medusa: Studio Tyranids

Here's what we've got in the studio Tyranid army. These models are already in and are due to be assembled in the coming week. We should have Harpy, Swarmlord, and Tervigon conversions done.

Our Tervigon is going to look something like this.

We're going to likely do it in the Hive Medusa color scheme, one of my faves.

1x Swarmlord (magnetized arms: 4x bonesword, 1x scything talons, 1x quad devourer) This model will double as a Hive Tyrant

1x Tervigon (Adrenal Glands, Toxin sacs, Implant Attack, Crushing Claws)

3x Hive Guard

3x Zoanthropes

1x Doom of Malan’tai conversion

40x Termagants

3x Mycetic Spores

6x Raveners (thorax devourers and rending claws)

10x Gargoyles

1x Harpy (conversion)

1x Trygon Prime

1x Mawloc (crab-claw-shaped tail)

Though I'm not really sure on color scheme. Might go with fleshy flesh and more of an organic green carapace. Kind of like that idea actually.

Or maybe Oceanic Nids! Teal Carapace and yellowish fleshy skin (hint of yellow only). Or white-ish skin. Pale.

Ooooh! Or maybe Salsa Nids! I loved that color scheme.

What do you think?



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