Cards, Codes and Cash

Please use cash.

When you do, you take money out of the coffers of the banks and simultaneously strengthen the REAL economy.

I urge all my clients to pay me with check, money order, cash or direct transfer (more on this later). When you pay Blue Table Painting $100 with Paypal or Credit card I have to pay $3.25 to the banks. That comes straight out of our family's budget. Wouldn't you much rather see me and my workers get that money?

Don't get me wrong! I'm glad to process by Paypal and Credit Card. There is something to be said for the convenience. Above all, I want the client to be accomodated!

When sent in a hard envelope with Delivery Confirmation it's reliable. I've never once, not even once in six years, had a check go missing in the mail. The bank on the other hand has found ten ways to get their hands on the loot. Banks make your money NOT safe.

My concern here is not just money (ie that I make less if the Banks get their mitts on the money) but that I don't want to see my fellowman further indebted (bank profits create more debt ultimately).

Read more here.

I've started paying with cash. I carry it in my wallet. I don't use my debit card except when absolutely necessary. I'd rather the merchant get that money.



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