Blue Scribes

Here's the Fateweavers' answer to the Blue Scribes. In fact, the disc of Tzeentch that they're on would be great for any sorceror to fly on.

Here's what was used:
1x square plate from cities of death kit (sanctum imperialis)
4x eagle-head buttresses from sanctum
2x Warmaster High Elf Giant Eagles (three come in a blister)
2x Skaven Plague Monk bodies
1x pointing hand from Storm Vermin kit
1x hand with book from Plague Monk kit
3x various scrolls, skulls, pouches from Flagellants kit
1x giant book from Covenant of Menoth (by Privateer Press)
1x chaos book from Terminator Lord kit

The model also has a base that magnetized both round and square for 40K or Fantasy.



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