Ice Pick

I have a stress headache. My wife is burned out. Willow is up three times a night. Our four-year-old is sick. I think we were up like six times last night. And a full plate of other obligations over the next few days. I've had it.

Tonight she projectile vomited about a pint of cottage-cheese-like-partially-digested-matter all over a pizza I just ordered. The poor dear seemed ever so relieved.

I'm taking both younger kids to the hospital tomorrow morning.

If you're thinking to hold back on communication please don't. I am eager to set up new projects. I'll be at the studio tomorrow afternoon for a half-day and I'll have peace of mind at least if there is a solid booking for my ace artists!

The first session of the new 40K campaign will be next Tuesday. That event will be televised.
1) Planetary Empires set arrived today, should be painted by then.
2) Placards for the planets in the system are being created by James.
3) Each person is supposed to bring 400 pts painted. At least seven people are on track for this.
4) The trenchworks set is taking shape. Might be done in time, probably more like next Thursday.



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