Golden Opportunity

Economics are not hard to understand.

Men who wish to keep the populace uninformed and confused try to make them hard to understand. A mind-slave must be kept illiterate.

Here is the rotting foundation:

More than
They give

A lot more. Even giving out ten and taking back eleven will (on the net) ruin every eleventh man. Or set back every man one eleventh.

Fractional reserve banking (which I have previously explained) allows for an extraction of resources from the local population of about a third, perhaps as much as two-thirds.

The Federal Reserve is like the One Ring of the banks. They all get their power from it.

At least this matter is being more openly discussed. In the State of the Union address our elected president said that "we all" hated the bailouts. Yet they were done.

The will
of the people
was not done

The elections of 2010 give the American people one shining opportunity to change this dismal state of affairs.

You (yes you, person reading this blog) must awake and do research on candidates

in the Primaries.

This is the key. This is when each party selects someone to run. We must get in men and women with just one single quality:

Obey the constitutional limits on government. Reign in the size of government.

The federal government is like an idiot ditch digger who has plowed through the barn, undermined fences, created pools and canals where none were needed, and now all the townsfolk have gathered around shouting at him "Please stop! For the love of all that's good please stop! You're headed towards the house!" And he scratches his head and wonders where he should dig next.

So, you've got to pay attention to the primaries. Otherwise you'll end up with two completely rotten choices come the main election.

Check here for a schedule of the Primaries!

If it's too much effort, then stay tuned to this blog. I'll tell you where to go and who to vote for. I don't mean any insult by it. I've done it before. It looks like this:

"Honey, it's election night you better get down there before the polls close."
"Shawn, you've got to get down to the polls!"
"Oh, well I really didn't pay attention, but I trust your judgement, who are you voting for?"

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be condescending. How much better to voice your will.

And maybe with a massive effort we can overcome the inertial voters.

Here's how you can tell if you're an inertial voter:
1) Your primary source of information about politics is radio or TV.
2) You've read less than two books on politics in the last year.
3) You vote for the same party over and over without reading up on what they're doing because they must be doing the right thing.



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