What it's all about

I got this letter from a client today. It represents what Blue Table is all about.

Hi Shawn,

Wanted to let you know that I received the Skaven display board today and I am more than happy with your work. In fact I am in awe to the amount of detail you put into this project. I barely gave you a theme to work with and you were able to surpass my expectations with amazing accuracy, it is exactly want I was hoping for and more so. I also wanted to thank you, Shawn, for the inclusion of the updated Doomflayers that you provided. It speaks to your professionalism and artistic integrity that even though I may have been satisfied with the previous work, you believed you could do better and then provided a spectacular replacement for my Doomflayers free of charge. I have to say you have secured me as a Blue table customer for some time to come.

I also wanted to see how things were going with the character Skaven Engineer model I sent (sorry for it getting danaged so) as well as the two warpfire teams to get painted. I look forward to seeing the level of painting your studio has become famous for.




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