I was watching the Rachel Maddow Show this morning* (yeah, you heard me) and she referred to the Tea Party as a "fringe group within the Republican Party". She cast them as ultra-ultra-conservatives way out in left field. I want to respond to that.

The Republicans in Congress for the last 8-10 years have strayed from conservative principles. Notably A) limited government, and B) fiscal responsibility (fiscal conservatism). What is called moderate now is actually on the fringe when held up to that test.

The Republican Party is being reborn from within. What is perceived by the lack-luster bone-head congressman who will soon be out of a job (or are already out of a job) as fringe elements are actually core elements. They betrayed their Republican principles and now it's time for them to be shed like a thick, gray cocoon. They are dead skin.

As they leave, they will take parting shots at what they consider to be traitors within the party. It is they who are the traitors. They're going to be ridden out of town on a rail. Just like the ex-chairman of the Florida GOP Jim Greer who termed the Tea Party movement "...shredding and tearing the fabric of the republican party."

This has already happened in Utah. My congressman, Jason Chaffetz, trounced the incumbent by a significant margin. That sorry excuse for a conservative voted for spending like you wouldn't believe. He was pathetic. I was glad to see him go. And that won't be the end.

* I am politically omnivorous. I watch all sorts of stuff to get different perspectives and ideas. It's uncomfortable but ultimately rewarding. I consider radio and TV to be the lowest and least nutritious of thought-food. Books are the highest in mind-nutrition.



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